Thursday, January 12, 2006

A wish for hi-speed...

All I wanted to do was listen to an audiobook. I wanted to go on the library website, download an audiobook, and play it over the computer speakers while I puttered around Getting Stuff Done. So I picked a book, a short one.

"Estimated time 12 minutes @ 28.8". Ok, I'll go have a snack and it'll be ready when I get back.

"Windows Media Player 9 or above is required to playback NetLibrary Audiobooks". Ok, I'll download that. I just have to do it once and then I can play these whenever...

"Estimated time 33 minutes @ 28.8". Sigh. Ok, I'll go finish cleaning out the fridge and it'll be ready when I get back.

"Installation of this software product requires Mac OS 10.3.9. Please use the Software Update Control Panel to update your OS before continuing". This isn't funny anymore. But I guess I oughta update anyway, it's been a long time...

"Estimated time unknown @28.8" How big is this file anyway? 117MB?! &##@(*!#@^&!!!!!!

At least once a week, Verizon sends us an ad for DSL. They do this to mock us. DSL, or indeed a cable modem, is not available in this neighborhood. 2 streets over, yes. Here, no. No hi-speed for denizens of a half-completed development. Wait we must, until every building is finished and they feel like laying lines.

I'm going to have to let this download go all night. Hope no one's trying to call.

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