Thursday, January 12, 2006

Progress Report

These resolutions are hard. Progress reports:

#1- Got my computer at home re-connected to the Internet. This also falls under cleaning out (#11), because I had to sort thru lots of papers to find the sheet w/my ISP settings.

Made a plan for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, & 10: Get up early at 6am. On days w/out Tae Kwon Do class: snack, do my devotional (bible reading and prayer combo), do a TKD workout, get showered and dressed and fix my hair, and have breakfast while planning my day, then leave in time to be on time. On the mornings of days when I have TKD class, I skip the workout except for a little stretching and forms practice, and use the time to do a little writing and fix my dinner (things I won't have time for in the evening). It's a great plan. I've done it once this week. The other mornings I was overtired for various reasons including 3am fire alarms and a particularly vicious "cardio night" at TKD class. Tomorrow morning I shall try again.

#10-Today I made a cooking plan for the rest of the week & the weekend, the went to the store.

#14-Made arrangements with guitar teacher for me & 3 of the girls who want to learn together. Lessons will be on Tuesday night. We still have to pick a start date and I need to replace some of my strings. Lew says I can get them at Target. You really can get anything there!

#16- I bought tilapia fillets at the store. VA is going to show me how she fixes them this weekend.

#7- I found my favorite purple fountain pen and several pretty blank books to inspire me while cleaning (#11). Ok, so I didn't actually write anything yet...
#19- I am wearing panty hose, my skirt matches my shell matches my sweater, my hair is fixed, and I'm wearing a dress watch, not a sport watch. My shoes have heels.

#5- Accepted an invitation to the Melting Pot this Friday, despite not knowing most of the people going. I can be sociable and get to know them.

Further resolution updates as events warrant...

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