Sunday, January 08, 2006

Danger to Self

Blood! I slashed my thumb open while trying to get the blade to go into the food processor. That's what I get for trying to keep my resolutions (#10- "Eat healthful food"). Oh, well, at least I get to wear a Big Bird bandaid.

I seem to be a danger to myself today. This slashing-open happened less than an hour after I stuck my finger with the USED NEEDLE after giving my roommate's diabetic CAT her shot. YUCK! EW! 911! Will I die now? Will my finger rot and fall off? My hand? My arm? Will I get feline lukemia? Gangrene? Pfisteria? Plague?

Actually, I am pretty sure it'll be ok. What happened was, I was putting the cap back on the syringe and the needle tip bent and poked thru the side of the little plastic cap, but only about a millimeter, and it poked me just enough to feel it and freak out. I don't think it broke the skin really, so I won't get a scary cat disease. But still! Yuck!

I would make resolution #21 something like "Hurt self less" or "be less klutzy," but either of those would be almost impossible to keep. I could go with "Wear bubble wrap every waking moment," but that would contradict resolution #19- "Dress professionally." Sigh...

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