Thursday, December 27, 2007

Resolution Review 2007- Oh, crap, I didn't do so good...

  1. Earn a Private Pilot Certificate- I am close, so close it hurts. Many setbacks having to do with scheduling. But I have completed the syllabus, accrued all the required flight hours, and passed my written exam. All that remains is to polish up my skills to Practical Test Standard and memorize the rest of the Oral Exam Guide. I can do it. I know I can.
  2. Learn to drive a stick shift- Hmm. Forgot to even try.
  3. Blog- hahahahahahahah... 'nuff said.
  4. Finish my Road Trip scrapbook- halfway there. No, more than halfway. I finished the first half of the scrapbook, and prepped the scraps for the second half.
  5. Talk to/ email/ spend time with family- only slightly better than last year.
  6. Read the entire Old Testament (not counting geneaology) by the end of the year- Nope.
  7. Be on time- yes.
  8. Be sociable- yes. Much more sociable.
  9. Pray- much better than last year. Still far to go.
  10. Write something every week- see above, under item #3...
  11. Regular TaeKwonDo practice & conditioning. Be ready to test for Black Belt by early 2008- Not so much. I can partially excuse this due to a persistent foot injury that limits my class participation. But mainly I'm busy with other things, un-fond of exertion and pain, and insufficiently committed. On the other hand, I did advance to Red Belt in early December.
  12. Serve & Witness- Little bit.
  13. Eat healthful food- I did so good the first half of the year. Second half the year I crashed and burned. I don't feel good and I'm getting fat.
  14. Get enough sleep- I am starting to think that there is no such thing as enough sleep for me. I am generally doing much better at usually getting 8+hours in 24, yet still I want more. Especially in winter. Perhaps I am part bear, and need to hibernate. Or something. Is it bedtime yet?
  15. Regain and maintain the size and fitness that makes me happy with my body- nope.
  16. Continue cleaning out and organizing the Stuff in my house- nope.
  17. Get control of the paper- Nope.
  18. Get my "affairs in order" - financial planning, insurance, will & medical stuff, disaster planning, etc... I did this. I have medical and general powers of attorney in place with people I absolutely trust. I have excellent and comprehensive insurance. I learned that I don't need a will because I have a "small estate" that won't require probate, and no dependents.
  19. Listen before speaking- Nope, still a blabbermouth. Perhaps a little better, though.
  20. Improve on guitar: learn to transpose sheet music into Tab, play melody & chords together, and play some storytime & other sing-along songs. Learn to play "Greensleeves" by next Christmas- I did continue to improve on guitar, and learned to transpose into tab, and a wee bit of melody+ chords. Then we stopped our group lessons at the beginning of summer (schedule issues, of course), and I chose to re-assign guitar practice time to studying for my pilot's exams. So I never learned to play "Greensleeves" and have forgotten most of what I did learn. :-(
  21. Learn to make balloon animals and hats- I can make dachshunds, poodles, and giraffes. Like guitar, the practice time was re-allocated to flying & studying.
  22. Learn more ways to cook fish- yes. Several.
  23. Find/develop a good recipe for butter chicken- Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce. It's yummier than any of the complex and time-consuming recipes I slaved over, and cheaper than all the ingredients. It's delicious.
  24. Dress professionally- Much better.
  25. Cultivate peace- Ummmm...

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